Summit1g's return to CS:GO surprises everyone with insane triple kill

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  His chat was?impressed too, and a smirking?Summit1g responded with a cheeky comment of his own. "isn't this normal? Come on, we always play like this chat. Duh!" he said, as the shocked viewers flooded the chat with messages.

  In reality, this is quite different from what his viewers have been seeing from Summit in recent times, as he has been rotating between Sea of Thieves, Apex Legends, and Grand Theft Auto RP as his main streaming titles for the last few months.

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  Summit's CS:GO career was cut short, but made famous by his humiliating molotov fail, where he failed to clutch a round despite killing all enemies, because he walked into the flames of his own molly - and the opposing team brought it back from match point to win the series.

  Whether or not this will be the last we see of the streamer playing CS:GO for a while remains to be seen, but it's always nice to see him make a return. Especially, when he's playing like this.